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Uh....Read if u wanna hear bout my borin life lol

Monday, 7 February 2005

@ Skool
Mood:  blue
hey all...hows everyone doin? really bummed...i havent felt so great for like a week...neone watch the super bowl?..i knew pats were gunna win...way to go!...i had a better weekend then i thought i would..briana came over saturday night, that was fun...the vacuum got backed up it n looked it sounded like it blew up lol it spit cat food all over...we set our socks on fire...i i could still smell it in the mornin...then i got like 30mins of sleep befo alli came over to watch the super bowl...we didnt really watch it tho...she took a movie of me fallin down the stairs hittin my head off the walls looked pretty funny...she left at half time.....thats all that happened this weekend...but next weekend should be really fun to.........welp c ya all l8r....

Posted by myers at 12:07 PM EST

Monday, 1 November 2004

My B-Day!
Mood:  a-ok
wow i havent writen in here for awhile...guess i just havent had time...welp today my B-Day n i have never gotten so many hugs in my life! ha ima bout ta call alli so she can play me happy birthday on her lil piano thing lol...welp my B-Day partys next this weekend...we dont ave skool tomorrow n i ave no idea what im gunna do all day...sooooo bored....o haha i squirted one of those frozen juice things on sam n ashlyn taday cuz i i punched it while it was aimed at them was suposed to be aimed at morgan...o well...haha alli u suck at playin happy birthday lol......omg i just spent 20mins on the phone with alli singin to me n playin songs on her toy piano lol...NEVER CALL ME AGAIN ALLI!!! today was pretty uneventful...i got squeazed to death by every person i knew...i played poker for candy n gym class...shot frozen fruit bar at sam n ashlyn...n got sung happy birthday to by alli n her toy piano lol....pretty fun day...welp thats it, later

Posted by myers at 10:20 PM EST

Wednesday, 28 July 2004

The Mineral County Fair - Tuesday
Mood:  silly
the fair was awesome lol...lets see...we yelled off the rainbow at ppl we didnt know...stalked trent n his girlfriend most of the night...a goat tryed to eat my shirt pants n shoes lol...autumn got bit my an evil goat named sprinkles lol...we went on a ride that almost made me pee myself lol j/k...the rocket was smokin for some reason n autumn n sunny still wanted to ride it lol...we rode the ferris wheel twice for reasons i can not say right now lol...we went on the swings n briana n sunny got stuck in there seat belts lol haha that was funny...i about broke my ankles gettin off that ride cuz when u get close to the ground ur feet drag n i didnt know to pull mine up lol...o n we got our pictures takin with tweetie lol really bad pics of me...we did more stuff but i cant remember what lol...ok im done...PEACE!

Posted by myers at 10:13 AM EDT
Updated: Wednesday, 28 July 2004 10:16 AM EDT

Sunday, 25 July 2004

haha the fair sucked!!!
Mood:  accident prone
haha i went to the fair friday n it sucked!...first off the dude given us our tickets messed up n gave us the rong side of the ticket so we had to go all the way bak n fight with him to get the other side lol...then i went on a ride that goes upside down n my pocket knife was in my pocket n we went upside down n the knife came out of my pocket n smacked me in the mouth so at the end of the ride my face, neck n hands were covered in now my lip is swolen, purple n bloody lol n my teeth hurt like hell!!!...ok then i went on that super-hymilain or however u spell it n i somehow got stuck sittin beside kevin malone n he kept squishin me agaist the side of the wasnt much better either...i went to a baltimore baseball game n it was really windy n rainy n i fell asleep half way through the game lol we left at the 7th inning...baltimore lost 4 to 8 to the twins...ok now i got nothin else to write about...guess im done...wait no lol me n alli n jackie went to the canal n we had so much fun we all got coke bottles n we were actin really stupid with them n alli n me made up a song lol "north carolina come on n raise up...screw ur cap off n twist it round ur head, spin it like a helicopter" lol man that was fun...o n before we went i spent like 7 hours at jackies house lol i love her little brother we jumped in the pool n he came in with us with his little floaties on even tho he could stand up in the pool lol...he almost bit me n man hes got some sharp claws lol...welp i think im done...PEACE!

Posted by myers at 7:40 PM EDT

Monday, 19 July 2004

One of the funniest nites of my life lol
Mood:  silly
avent wrote in this for awhile...avent had alotta time i guess...well anyways last nite was one of the funniest nites of my life! me, autumn n katie went to see spiderman autumn talked the whole movie makin cracks about the movie and stuff lol...we were both surprised that no one told us to shut up or we didnt get kicked out lol...we were throwin popcorn n junk at each other dad went but he sat in the bak so i dont think he was payin attention to what we were n autumn started a band with the straws from our sodas was sooo much fun...then when we left the theater me n autumn were standin outside the mall, by those big glass doors that they use to bring cars in n stuff, and autumn was callin her mom n she had her hand up on the middle of the doors where they opened...she sliped and she opened the doors lol...she was stuned so i had to close them was soo funny lol...then we took autumn n met her mom somewhere(forget where it was lol) that was a fun nite...i cant wait for the mineral county fair next week!...cant wait to see everyone together!...welp now im bak to bein bored...ok im done writein lol...PEACE!

Posted by myers at 1:01 PM EDT
Updated: Tuesday, 20 July 2004 2:33 PM EDT

Thursday, 15 July 2004

Mood:  silly
wow avent wrote in this thing for awhile...guess ive been to busy....DOIN NOTHIN! lol...well i cant wait till the fair...its gunna be so much fun...but i gotta bum rides off ppl since my parents wont take me all week...O CRAP I WAS SUPOSE TO GO GET MY TICKET!!!...o man i g2g...ill write more l8r

Posted by myers at 4:06 PM EDT

Monday, 12 July 2004

Mood:  irritated
man...i finally find somethin to do and my mom says i gotta stay home cuz i cant leave kara home by herself...I MEAN MY GOD WOMAN THE KIDS ALMOST 13!!! pisses me off when my mom makes up stupid excuses about why i cant go to a friends house or why i cant ave friends over...half the time she doesnt even ave an excuse she just says no for no reason...i cant wait til the allegany fair this weekend! ill finally be able to see all my friends!...haha we went to wal*mart last nite and i was playin around in the eletronics place and i went and turned up the volume real loud on those dvd preview things and i stood like two inches away from the screen...five minutes later one of the wal*mart dudes finally came to see what the noise was and he stoped and gave me a weird look and then i started turnin it up louder...then it got real quite for some reason (and the movie was shrek) so all u could hear was "I GOTTA SAVE MY ASS" real loud i turned it up louder and turned it to a war movie and yelled "THE JAPS R COMIN TO NUC US!!! RUN!!!" lol...then i ran when i saw my dad comin lol he woulda killed me lol...welp im bak to bein bored...again...i ave a eye doctor appointment tonite so at least ill ave SOMETHIN to do...i hope i ave to get contacts lol i want to get the ones that change ur eye color!...if i do i want red ones...those look soo ur eyes r on fire! lol...or maybe like a black and gray mix i i hate summer...theres nothin to do and its to hot lol...i wish it was like 70 all year round...that would be great lol......what is up with these really small soda cans?? i am bored...ok im done with this thing....PEACE!

Posted by myers at 1:24 PM EDT
Updated: Tuesday, 13 July 2004 1:25 PM EDT

Sunday, 11 July 2004

Mood:  don't ask
ok i take bak what i said in my last entry...this is the most pissed off ive ever been!!...we lost regionals b/c the umpire sucked!!! he'd call balls that hit the ground before it made it over the plate a strike!!! and im dead serious!!! if u dont believe me ask any1 on our team!...well we'll gett'em next year!...but i am happy about how i played last the first 3 innings i made 5 outta the 9 outs and i only made one or two errors the whole game...then i hit a double and i got walked alot...i didnt stike out at all...but we had a good team this year...hope they all play next year and we go to state!...CUZ I WANT MY ROADIE!!! lol...we went for ice cream after our game last nite at the DQ in petersburg (cuz we didnt get our ice cream for winnin out second game)and me, lace, her sister, and maddie were playin in the mud puddles and we got my mom and laces grandparents soaked lol...ran and jumped in this really deep puddle and got it up my shorts and filled my shoes lol...i also got this guys truck soaked...but he didnt know who it was cuz we ran after i saw what i did to it im bored...i wanna go somewhere...i wonder what movies r playin........

Posted by myers at 2:21 PM EDT

Friday, 9 July 2004

Mood:  irritated
AHHH!! i didnt think i could be so angry in my life! i hate my dad bein one of the coaches for my softball team! he only notices the mistakes i make and not the ones any1 else makes! i hate it! everytime i do somethin wrong hes right there standin beside me tellin me how stupid i am cuz i didnt catch the ball or didnt tag the runner out or i messed up on a so glad hes not gunna be at our first game of regionals tonite...thank god!...i hope he doesnt make it to any of them this weekend...last time he wasnt at my game i played the best id ever played...i hit a single a double and a home run...and i got a few outs while i was playin 3rd!...they think it was the energy drink i drank durin the game...but i know it was cuz my dad wasnt there to yell at me for every mistake i made...come to think of it...i didnt make any mistakes that game!...then when i try and tell him that yellin at me isnt helpin me play better he takes it as me avin an attitude and i get grounded...duh!...well i think im done lettin my anger out lol...til next time...

Posted by myers at 10:35 AM EDT

Wednesday, 7 July 2004

my life....or whatever ud call it
Mood:  don't ask
omg im bored...doesnt anybody get on msn anymore?? lol...yay softball today...i hate it lol...still waitin for ppl to get on and talk...o great looks like kara (a.k.a. my lil sis) learned some new words today shes got a mouth on her...cussin me out, WHO DOES SHE THINK SHE IS!?!?...word of advice...never eat a whole bunch of cookies and then spin around in ur computer chair for 15 minutes and then expect not to throw up lol...soooo many chores....told yall i have a borin life lol....for yall that know who kathy is, i think shes finally leavin me alone lol...if u dont know who she is dont even ask!!...o we almost got a cat yesterday...ok im bored of writin in this goin bak to bustin the speakers outta my computer......wait im bak from softball practice...we r sooo ready for regionals...we're goin all the way to state!!...and if we do go to state we're takin a charter bus and everybody gets there own personal roadie! lol...its gunna be awesome...hope we win...haha i almost nailed tasha with a softball...i was battin and i hit it and she kinda dove for it and it took a bad hop, changed directions and almost hit her in the face lol...i did hit her dad with a foul ball in the arm lol...i think thats all that happened in my borin day...c yas all l8er

Posted by myers at 2:09 PM EDT
Updated: Thursday, 8 July 2004 10:11 AM EDT

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