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Stuff About Me

whitney c., myers (a.k.a me), briana


Ok all this is the page that ur gunna find out alittle bit more about me! O and in that pic im the one in the middle that looks like there about to pee themself lol....the pic was taken against my will lol.

Ok a lil bout almost always laughin or makin someone else laugh...i dont really get mad easly...i love spendin time with my so happy when they come over...i love music n bein favorite time to be outside is at night when its snowin, i love it...i like sports like football...o thats another thing i like doin at night in the snow, playin football lol...uh i like volleyball, softball n soccer to...i think thats about it...not much to my boring life lol...

I Really Hate It When-
-ppl act like there someones best friend n then go n talk shit bout them behind there bak
-girls scream when they laugh
-when my ars gets numb from sittin on the computer for to long
-skinny girls say there fat when they know there not n they only want attention
-ppl go bak on there promises
-when ppl conrol other ppl
-when cheerleaders cheer everything they do
-when girls fight with each other n then they cry

The Things I Like-
tacos, all the bands over there---->, sports, halloween, ruffit (a stuffed animal by the way...i dont hate all of them lol), hangin out with friends, blastin the speakers out of my computer when im mad, talkin on msn, sleepin, softball (it does get annoyin after awhile tho lol), makin ppl laugh, frozen pizza lol, and i dont think i could live without my friends and my mp3 player lol...think thats it.....o n i love my friends....i couldnt make it through this year without ya....


Color - Blue
Food - TACOS!!! ooo and cheese!!!
Saying - DUDE!!! and MONKEY!!!
Movie - Nutty Professor II The Klumps lol
Holiday - Halloween....i like scarin pretty good at it lol
Thing to do on the weekend - Go to a movie or have ppl over and sleep in the tent

Bands - linkin park, maroon 5, matchbox 20, yellow card, bowling for soup, all american rejects, blink 182, three days grace

CLICK download, blink 182 - all the small things