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Ok this is where i put most of the pics on the site...this page takes prolly the longest time to load...listen to the music while u wait lol...u may need to refresh it if it doesnt load in a few minutes lol...sorry

Sundial Rotating

um u got somethin on ur cheek....and ur chin....and ur nose

Heres a pic of kelli from my b-day. i dont think she got the concept that ur supose to eat the cake lol. well she tried. after my party we all rented an airplane and went fly fishin with carley!!! lol right kelli

My Doggy KC
Shes so cute aint she lol

Ok from left to right is, whitney c., tes, autumn (top), emily (bottom), morgan, katie and briana

These guys r awesome and i dont know what id do without them!

Mrs. Liller
Haha this was at Summer Blow Out....she had a wedgie!

The 8th Grade Newspaper Staff
These r the 8th grade newspaper ppl lol at our "secret" newspaper party lol

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